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    When buying a hammock take a look at the fabric descriptions on the page and see which one will work best for you based on your body weight. It is important choose your hammocks fabric based on your body weight and height Click the link to the fabric and choose the color for your hammocks body and endcaps and make note of that. Write in your color choices on the order page. Choose your options and write any notes that you want me to see. Once you place your order and pay for it I will order the fabric to make your hammock which takes about a week to arrive and your order is put into a que. I build the hammocks in the order that the orders are received. Hammocks have an estimated 12 Week Lead Time. The lead time is subject to change based on my order volume.
    Hammocks have an estimated 12 Week Production Time. Accessories and small items ship in 8-10 days after the order has been placed. Lead times are subject to change with order volume.
    Hammock camping is a great way to enjoy time in the forest but you need to do so safely. Your Hammock and hammock suspension is subject to wear and tear. Always inspect your gear before using it. If something shows excessive wear it needs to be replaced. Treat your hammock with care and be gentle with it. Make sure that you do not have sharp pointy objects in your pockets when you get into your hammock. These can lead to fabric failures. Do not abruptly lay down in the hammock. Again, be gentle with it especially with the lighter weight fabrics. Be careful with your bugnet and make sure that you open the zippers nice and wide before getting into the hammock to cause the least amount of stress to the bugnet. Make sure you open the zippers nice and wide when getting out of the hammock and make sure not to catch your feet on the net while swinging your legs out of the hammock. Watch where you hang and learn to hang your hammock properly and safely and never hang higher than you are willing to fall. The hammock should be about seat height and not much higher. Check the ground below your hammock and clear away rocks, logs, and branches. Check the trees that you are hanging from and make sure that they are alive and healthy and that there are no precarious limbs that could fall on you. Check your suspension and make sure that everything is properly secured before using your hammock. Milk the buries on whoopie slings, make sure that the cinch buckles are locked properly, make sure that becket hitch is nice and tight, and make sure that your ridgeline isn't overly tensioned. Lightweight gear is fun and it's a pleasure to carry and use but understand that unlike a tent a hammock and it's suspension has to safely support your body weight. So please make sure that you are being realistic and honest with yourself and not just caught up in having the lightest peice of gear ever. If it is too light of a fabric for your body weight it isn't going to be as comfortable and it will wear out faster and possibly fail. You can shave weight out of your kit in other places. Do not jeopardize your safety over a few extra ounces in your pack. We all love our pets. But your dog and cats claws will puncture and damage hammock fabric (and also your quilts). It is not recomended to have your pet in the hammock with you. Understand that there is risk involved in using a hammock and that it is your sole responsibilty that you ensure your own safety. Using gear made by Autumn Ultralight is done so with full acknowledgement of the risks involved and Autumn Ultralight is not responsible for your actions while using our gear. The user agrees to indemnify, protect, hold harmless, and defend Autumn Ultralight from any liability resulting from your actions and decisions.
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