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Ultralight Pole Mod Kit

Ultralight Pole Mod Kit

Accessories, suspension, etc have an 8-10 day production time. All items are hand made after the order is placed.


This ultralight pole mod kit works on any tarp with center pulls and uses your trekking poles so you're not carying any extra weight with you! 


Just larkshead the pole mod kit to your tarps center pull and slide the prussik over the trekking poles tips and handle and tighten up the prussik. 


These are designed to work in conjunction with a continuous ridgeline. You want to set the trekking pole on top of your continuous ridgeline. It is not recommended to rest the trekking poles right on your tarp.  


Pole mods without the weight! 


This kit includes 4 pole mods which is enough for a tarp with two center pulls on each side. 


If you need something custom please message me. 



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