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Tree Straps

Tree Straps

Accessories, suspension, etc have an 8-10 day production times. All items are hand made after the order is placed.


I offer tree straps and tree huggers in Dyneema and Polyester. A Tree Strap has one loop sewn into the end and a Tree Hugger has a loop at each end. 


These are sold by the pair. 


Dyneema Webbing (Not compatible with cinch buckles)

3000 lb strength rating. 3 grams per foot

This is a lightweight yet extremely strong and long lasting webbing. This is perfect for tree huggers to use with whoopie slings or tree straps to be used with a becket hitch. It pairs perfectly with Becket Loops! 


Ultralight Blue Polyester Webbing (Cinch Buckle Compatible)

1000 lb strength rating. 4 grams per foot.

This versatile webbing is a lightweight and durable. Being ultralight it has stretch to it and you will need to hang your hammock higher than you normally would. These are best suited to hammockers who weigh under 200 lbs. It is perfect for becket hitch systems, tree huggers with whoopie slings, and it pairs perfectly with Birch Buckles!


Premium Black Polyester Webbing (Cinch Buckle Compatible)

1500 lb strength rating. 7.5 grams per foot.

This premium polyester webbing has very little stretch and is durable and abrasion reisitant with a tight weave. It's similar to a seatbelt but much softer. It is perfect for tree huggers with whoopie slings and cinch buckle systems. It pairs perfectly with Birch Buckles!