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Tarp Tie Outs

Tarp Tie Outs

Accessories, suspension, etc have an 8-10 day production time. All items are hand made after the order is placed.


This is the simplest tarp suspension you will find! Just pull to tension! 


My Dyneema tarp tie outs are 6 feet long and have a locked brummel on one end where you attach to your tent stake and have either a NamaClaw or a Line-Loc Hook for tensioning. I include small continuous loops made from either Dyneema or Shock Cord that you larkshead onto your tarps tieout points. You connect the tensioner to these loops.


If you have a DCF tarp choose shock cord loops. 


These are sold individually so if your tarp has 4 tie out points you need to purchase 4 of these.



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