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Accessories, suspension, etc have an 8-10 day production time. All items are hand made after the order is placed.


This is the Baganizer Stuff-Sack. It’s a combination of double ended stuff sack and ridgeline organizer in one. In stuff sack mode it works just like any other double ended stuff sack but when you flip it inside out it becomes a ridgeline organizer!


It has 3 pockets and you can easily fit your water bottle down the center.


It clips securely into place on your hammocks ridgeline using pack hooks and two included prussiks.


Now you won't misplace your hammocks stuff sack either....


These are 16" x 10" and weigh aproximately 1 ounce.

This easily accommodates an 11 foot hammock with or without an integrated bugnet.


If you would like a different color please message me first.