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Structural Hammock Ridgeline

Structural Hammock Ridgeline

Accessories, suspension, etc have an 8-10 day production time. All items are hand made after the order is placed.


My structural hammock ridgelines are made from 1000 lb 2mm Spectra/Dyneema. 


I have a fixed length ridgeline designed to be used with 11 foot hammocks with built in bugnets. These are 110 inches long. 


Adjustable ridgelines are to be used with netless hammocks. These will adjust to a maximum length of 11 feet long so you can dial in your perfect lay. These will work with hammocks up to 12 feet long. 


I do not recommend using an adjustable ridgeline on a hammock with a built in bug net because if you adjust it out to long you can cause damage the bug net.